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●JFSA Chiba Shop(Chiba-City)(MAP)
・Open Ours10:30〜19:00
 (Except Thursday)
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▼From the bus terminal of JR Chiba Station (east exit), please get on the following buses.
 (It takes about 15-20 minutes).
▼Please get off at the bus stop “Miyakocho Kyujo Iriguchi”.
 (1 minute from a bus stop.)
* You can get on the bus (1) and (2), from the No. 1 of a bus terminal.
(1) Chiba-chuo bus
・Destination: Omiya Danchi (Via Togane Kaido)
・Via place: Asahi-cho, Wada Shindo, and Sakatsukibashi
・Bus stop: “Miyakocho Kyujo Iriguchi”

(2) Chiba-chuuou bus
・Destination: Omiya Shimin no Mori(Via Chishirokyoku)
・Via place: Asahi-cho, Wada Shindo, Chishirokyoku, and Omiya-cho
・Bus stop: “Miyakocho Kyujo Iriguchi”

(3) Chiba flower bus
・Destination: Nakano Sosa-jo
・Via place: Kasori and Izumi-Koen Iriguchi
・Bus stop: “Miyakocho Kyujo Iriguchi”

▼We are in the reverse side of the 100-yen shop "DAISO", and there is Otagiri-Park on the other side.
*We have parking place,too!

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For inquiries,
Please call JFSA/Ichikawa at 043-234-1206
or send E-mail to
Open Ours 9:00〜19:00
(Except Thursday)